A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Just Shoot is a first person shooter for instant "one shot, one kill" (instagib) action. Simple, fast and fun !
Featuring music by xKore !
Created by Memorix101 and MegaZell.

Install instructions

Mac version requires XQuartz


just_shoot_windows_18.zip 460 MB
just_shoot_linux_2018a.zip 460 MB
just_shoot_osx_103w.zip 731 MB


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Lots of time I have share it with my friends just because of I can say this get free robux is one of the best option for play online game. Thanks a lot for the share it

Realy cool game and I love the feeling of it. But I would like to see a bigger option in gamemode and weapons because a deathmatch with instagrip is the only option.