A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

OpenC1 is a ground-up remake of the classic driving and wrecking game by Stainless Software.


  • Upgraded to Visual Studio 2017/2019, .NET Framework 3.5 and XNA 3.1
  • Improved Xbox Controller support! (Now with Force Feedback 😋)
  • Additions for QWERTZ Layout
  • Music support!
  • Bug fixes

There is a MonoGame conversion in development (Linux and Mac support). In case you want to help you can find it here

Thanks to:

Stainless Software (the original developers - of course!), 
www.stilldesign.co.nz (PhysX.Net), 
Neale Davidson (Fontana font), 
Shayde (txt file decryption), 

Install instructions

Dependencies (Windows):

    Dependencies (macOS):


    • To add new games, copy the games DATA folder into the OpenC1 GameData folder. It will appear as an available game.
    • If you add the full SplatPack DATA folder, you will need to unencrypt the files first.
    • Standard Carmageddon 1 encrypted files are able to be read by OpenC1.


    • To play with soundtrack add it to the base folder of your game. Make sure it is in OGG Vorbis format and ranged from 02 to 09.  Game_Root\GameData\Carmageddon Demo\MUSIC\track02.ogg The simplest is to use the MUSIC folder from the Steam/GOG version.


    • Up, Down, Left, Right - Accelerate, Brake, Steer
    • Space - Handbrake
    • Backspace - Repair
    • C - Change camera
    • R - Reset vehicle
    • A, Z / Y (QWERTZ Layout) - Gear Up, Gear Down
    • F4 - Edit modes (for debugging)
    • P - Take screenshot

    Xbox Controller:

    • RT, LT, DPad Left, DPad Right / Left ThumbStick - Accelerate, Brake, Steer
    • X - Handbrake
    • Back - Repair
    • Y - Change camera
    • B - Reset vehicle
    • DPad Up - Map View
    • RB, LB - Gear Up, Gear Down


    You must not install, copy, access or use OpenC1 unless you accept all of the following licence terms. 

    • By installing, copying, accessing or using OpenC1 you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the following licence terms, and agree to be bound by them
    • You are not permitted to use OpenC1 with any data, files, or content that infringes any copyright or any other right of any third party.  You must ensure that you have all necessary rights (including appropriate licences) for any data, files, or content that you use with OpenC1.  You are liable for any consequences of your failure to comply with these licence terms.
    • You shall fully indemnify and hold us harmless for any loss, damage, claim, cost or expense (including legal fees on a solicitor/own client basis) which may arise as a result of any action or claim that may be made or initiated against us by any person making a claim in relation to your actions.
    • You are not employed by THQ Nordic AB, or acting on behalf of THQ Nordic GmbH or THQ Nordic GmbH / THQ Nordic AB


    OpenC1_v1.4.6_Release.zip 1 MB
    OpenC1_146_osx_experimental.zip 395 MB


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    Hi Memorix101,

    Awesome work.

    I have five problems:

    - Windowed mode looks perfect, but in Fullscreen, the game renders at 16:9 aspect ratio but into a 800x600 resolution. So everything looks narrow. The interesting thing is that this happens when desktop resolution is 16:9 (for example 1080p). If desktop resolution is 4:3, then fullscreen has correct FOV. This means your port can run the game at 16:9 aspect ration, but being limited to 800x600 makes it broken.

    Examples of how the game renders FOV depending of desktop resolution aspect ratio and using fullscreen 



    - Arrows that represent cars in the map, are inverted. 

    - Car doesn't react correctly driving under water. In the original game, the car floats and is hard to control.

    - I found no way to save/load the profile

    - I found no way to remap the controls. Handbrake in controller X button is a no way for me :P

    Oh! Thank you for the hint! I never tested the game in fullscreen. 😅
    The reimplementation is incomplete, so it misses some features or others are just hard coded. 
    The project is open source on GitHub so in case you are interest you can contribute to the project. 

    when i try to run the app on mac it just doesn't open (i'm on mac 10.15)

    You need to install  XQuartz. Otherwise, it will not launch.

    i did that and it still doesn't launch

    The app is a wine bottle wrapped as a macOS app. You can open it like a folder with a right-click and inside it is a Wine configuration tool. Launch it, maybe something needs to be adjusted to your macOS version. I am still running 10.14 Mojave as I need 32bit support for some apps I am using.

    i spent a little time fiddling about with the wine wrapper thing and it still didn't work no matter what i did,  i think it might be my macos version causing the problem, sorry for wasting your time :/

    No problem at all. Maybe we can fix this at a later point :)

    I can't play the full version, I run the game and I was told to set up a demo

    Please read the installation instruction above!

    • To add new games, copy the game DATA folder into the OpenC1 GameData folder. It will appear as an available game.
    • If you add the full SplatPack DATA folder, you will need to unencrypt the files first.
    • Standard Carmageddon 1 encrypted files are able to be read by OpenC1.
    (1 edit)

    Is it possible in any way to run Carmageddon 2 through openc1?

    Edit: forgot to add "2"...

    (1 edit)

    Sadly, no. Because Carmageddon 2 is using a different engine and OpenC1 only reimplements the engine for the first Carmageddon.

    Really? I thought I read somewhere that it used the same engine that's why I asked. 

    It's a shame, Carmageddon 2 could use something like this as well haha 

    BTW, openc1 works on Linux? 

    Yes, but not native. You need to install Wine to do this.
    It's how the macOS version works. It's just a Wine wrapper for Mac.

    hey, there still seems to be some error on startup, i can get in menu, but the game crashed when i try to change car, or start a race

    On my end everything is working fine :( I need more details ... what platform are you playing? I'm on Windows 10. Please make sure that all dependencies are installed as listed on the download page.

    Hello! I clicked on the .exe (I guess) and nothing happens, doesn't open any game, why?

    Deleted 2 years ago

    Hey, I verified the download and found out it was somehow missing files. I updated it. I should work for you now. :)