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SharpQuake is a GLQuake reimplementation in C# using the OpenTK library.

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  • OpenTK 3.0.1
  • NVorbis 0.8.6
  • OpenAL(Windows) / libopenal on Linux
  • SDL2 (Windows and macOS) / libsdl2-2.0 on Linux

In case you don't own a copy of Quake you can purchase it on GOG.com, Steam or use the shareware version.

Place the Id1 game directory in the game root directory.

As Linux is case-sensitive make sure your folder and file names look like that Id1 and PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK (in case you own the full version).

To play with soundtrack add it to Id1/music or the mission pack folder you want to play in OGG Vorbis format like this track02.ogg. You can get it here Steam Guide

macOS / OSX is not official supported as OpenGL on Mac is poorly supported and has been replaced in favour of their own graphics API Metal.

The -basedir <directory> switch can be used to change the default data directory. e.g. SharpQuake.exe -basedir C:\Quake\ -window switch is pre-defined in project settings, but if you change the default directory of where you want your data, you may need to add -basedir <directory> to project properties > Debug > Command line arguments

The original expansion packs can be run using -rogue or -hipnotic switches if the data is present for it.

Original Quake switches apply and can be used.

Currently SharpQuake does not support mods.

Enjoy! 🙂


  • Made by yurykiselev and Uze and brought to Github by Memorix101
  • Updated to .NET 4.7.1 and OpenTK 3.0.1 by Daniel Cornelius (Kerfuffles/NukeAndBeans)
  • Engine additions and fixes by multiguy18 and Memorix101
  • Original source code on SourceForge.net


SharpQuake_1_3_4_b_release.zip 2 MB


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You need to place the Quake game directory in the SharpQuake root directory or define your base directory via command arguments. SharpQuake does not provide any Quake data. Please read the description for setup instructions.